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Kaz feeling blue - 88 Photos
Karen ice blue undies, dont stop her getting us very, very hot. She seemed a little nervous, but our photographer is a real gentleman, and soon got her in the mood.

Kaz on the sofa - 73 Photos
Come and relax on Karen's sexy sofa

Kaz tease - 52 Photos
Time for a tease, lovely white skin under lovely white knickers.

Kaz C & W - 78 photos
Karen looks like a country and western star in this little outfit

Kaz's Bedtime bounce - 43 photos
Kaz loves to play about, and is all action when she gets excited. We couldnt keep her still whilst we tried to get her to strip. She just loves to jump and bounce and the bed.

Kaz's Mirror Image - 72 photos
Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the sexiest lady in Eroslane......? When Kaz looked into the mirror it was like having twins in the room, well we can dream can't we....I wonder if there is any chance of your sister moving into number 2 Eroslane , along with you Kaz....hee hee

Kaz is red hot - 79 Photos
Would you like to see what type of knickers I wear. That is when I do wear any at all.......are you getting all hot and bothered yet...?

Kaz Says Welcome - 100 Photos
Hi there, my name is Kaz, I couldn't wait to move into Eroslane with my husband. I hope that you will enjoy seeing our pics and hopefully we can all get better aquainted sometime soon....x

Kaz and her flexible friend - 50 Photos
I just love my flexible friend, remember you cant leave home with out....x

Kaz Brush Fun - 34 Photos
Kaz has some unconventional fun with her Hair Brush

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