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bathtime bubbles - 86 photos
dont you just love a good sexy soak in a hot bath, romantic music, candles, and the scent of sex.....

Fiona in fur - 68 Photos
Fiona is a little shy and doesnt want her face shown in public, however members get to see everything. On Eroslane the only thing thats fake is the fur........!!!

Fiona says Lick my lolli - 89 photos
Since moving into number 5 Eroslane, Fiona has been rather shy which we know is not really in her nature, but believe me when she gets to know you, she REALLY gets to know all about you. Fionas sweet and sexy, with a childlike smile and a wicked streak. When we gave her lollies to play with she didnt know where to put herself. Would you like a lick of her lollipop?

Fiona's custard cream - 90 photos
Talk about things getting a trifle

Fiona's feather fantasy - 82 photos
My name is Fiona, welcome to my feather covered bedroom. Its a real girlie place, all pink and fluffy, yet so warm and inviting.....x

sinderella - 74 photos
In her little cinders dress, this cute little princess would make any man wish she stayed with him after midnight and beyond.

pussycat - 102 photos
Fun and frolics as Fiona trys on her new pussycat mask. See what you can do to make her purr with delight.

Fiona custard kitchen - 125 Photos
Question - What starts off pink and fluffy, and then becomes yellow, warm and stick...........of course its Fiona in the Kitchen.

Fiona in red stockings - 99 Photos
I love to wear lots of different outfits when I go playing. Infact I think that dressing up like this is the best thing that I can do to encourage all you men into my bed

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